Tickets on sale 2/22/21 at 7 am!

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General Policies

  • Masks are required for everyone attending the performance of Children of the Black Skirt and must be worn at all times while in CCHS.

  • Tickets are being sold in blocks of 2, 3 or 4 seats and attendees must remain in the exact seats listed on their tickets. You will not be allowed to buy multiple blocks in the same row and move all together in the row. The blocks have been spaced out to meet Utah State guidelines for social distancing requirements and must be adhered to.


Children of the Black Skirt explores the stories of lost souls from the tales of orphans in Australia during an attempt to remove the Aboriginal people and have them adapt and "civilize" them to an English way of life. They are tormented, too, by the Black Skirt, a cruel governess who floats up and down the orphanage corridors wielding enormous scissors. But as the stories of these forgotten children are told— from pick pocketing incidents in the eighteenth century to the tragedies of the Stolen Generations in the twentieth— their spirits are released, one by one.

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