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26 Pebbles

Jenn: Maggie McDowell

Mike: Aidan Hughes

Sally: Nia Peterson

Carole: Jacqui Clegg

Georgia: Maurs Squires

Darren: Jonny Lutz

Kat: Alheli Poelman

Bill: Jackson Gray

Starr: Morgan Garcia

Jeriann: Jadyn Coffin

Rabbi: Joseph Gray

Father Weiss: Ian Colton

Julie: Alyssa Miller

Carrie: Kathryn Solum

Carla: Brinley Nelson

Michael: Tate Nowell

Yolie: Autumn Jensen

Chris/Joe: Henry McDowell

Actor 1: Emma Haynie

Actor 2: Emma Pond

Actor 3: Ally Ni

Actor 4: Katia Jensen

Actor 5: Ashlyn Price

Actor 6: Chloe Scott

Spamalot Cast List


King Arthur: Ian Colton

Sir Robin: Maggie McDowell

Sir Lancelot: Jonny Lutz

Patsy: Kathryn Solum

Sir Galahad: Aidan Hughes

Sir Bedevere/Not Dead Fred: Nia Peterson

The Lady of the Lake: Ashlyn Price

Historian: Maurs Squires

Prince Herbert: Henry McDowell

Dennis Galahad’s Mother/ Mayor: Jackson Gray

Herberts Father/Guard 1 (Beginning): Tate Nowell

The Voice of God/Head Knight: Joseph Gray

Sir Not Appearing: TBD Nightly

The French Taunter: Jacqui Clegg

French Guard: Chloe Schott

French Guard: Autumn Jensen

Robin’s Minstrel: Emma Haynie

The Knight of Ni: Morgan Garcia

The Black Knight: Jadyn Coffin

Guard 1 (Ending): Alyssa Miller

Guard 2 (Ending): Alheli Poelman

Concorde: Katia Jensen

Tim the Enchanter/ Guard II (Beginning): Emma Pond

Maynard: Brinley Nelson

Sir Bors: Ally Ni


All people in the cast will be ensemble at some point depending on availability. This could include but is not limited to: Knights of Ni, French Dancers, Camelot Dancers, etc.

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