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Dance Callbacks

If you are called back please learn the dance call back, you will be performing this. If you would like to audition for a featured tapper, or show off your tapping skills, please learn the tap dance call back as well. 

Dance Callback:

Tap Dance Callback:

Music Callbacks

These selections will be used for callbacks. Not everyone will be asked to sing everything. Also we might throw something else at you without warning. You know how it is. But start with these. If there are notes that aren’t in your range find a different note that works in the song and works for you and be ready to convince me that note is better. 😊

*some of these include lines from multiple characters but assume they will be sung as a solo unless indicated


  • Slap That Bass: from “Dictators would be better off” to “learn to zoom zoom zoom, slap that bass”
    (before dance break, not the ending)  

  • Real American Folk Song: from beginning to “they like it somehow” *harmonies*

  • Naughty Baby: from beginning to “I am just the right one” 

  • What Causes That: from “I’m very blue” to “what causes that” 
    (before the dance break but we will add the harmony from the end) 
    *this will be a duet* 

  • Can’t Be Bothered Now: from “I’m up among the stars” to “can’t be bothered now” 
    (right before dance break/girls enter)

  • I Got Rhythm: from “Old Man Trouble” to the beginning of the stomp section
    (over the ensemble oohs)

  • They Can’t Take That Away from Me: from “the way you hold your knife” to end

  • But not for Me: from “It started off so well” to end
    (technically this is the reprise but on the album it’s one song) 

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