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Dance Callbacks

If you are called back please learn the dance call back, you will be performing this. 

Dance Callback Front:

Dance Callback Back:

Dance Callback Broken Down:

Dance Callback Instructions:


Music Callbacks

These selections will be used for callbacks. Not everyone will be asked to sing everything. Also we might throw something else at you without warning. You know how it is. But start with these. If there are notes that aren’t in your range find a different note that works in the song and works for you and be ready to convince me that note is better. 😊

Don’t trust the album, some of the keys are different. You can find examples of these sections in the right keys here:


When You’re an Addams

  • From “Family first” to the end

  • This will be sung in harmony and those parts will be taught at callbacks – but even if you don’t know the harmonies before coming to callbacks you should be familiar with the words/rhythms, etc. of this excerpt. 


Happy Sad

  • from “Life is full” to “we should smile”


Crazier Than You

  • From “I wanna climb Mt. Everest” to “solemn vow ow ow ow” 



  • From ”String quartets” to the end


Just Around the Corner 

  • From “Death is just around” to “coming after me” 



  • From first “ahs” to “pain she can’t explain” 


Move Toward the Darkness  

  • From beginning to “and smile” 


Moon and Me 

  • From “and the night is softly” to “moon says, I love you” 


What If 

  • From “Wednesday will drink” to the end


Not Today 

  • from “I remember well” to “Not Today” 

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