Dance Callbacks

Newsies Music

These selections will be used for callbacks. Not everyone will be asked to sing everything. Also we might throw something else at you without warning. You know how it is. But start with these. If there are notes that aren’t in your range find a different note that works in the song and works for you and be ready to convince me that note is better. 😊


Carrying the Banner: from “It takes a smile as sweet as butter” to “In between it pours” 

That’s Rich: from “now listen sport” to the end

Watch What Happens: from “Give those kids and me the brand new century” to the end

Santa Fe: from “Santa Fe! My old friend” to the end

Letter from the Refuge: from “and then Jack I was thinkin’ we might just go” to “damn this place” 

The Bottom Line Reprise: from “too bad you’ve no job Jack” to “I’d say that’s the bottom line”